icon Google Translate Translate the query in all languages. To manage your languages, look into the workflow. 2235
icon Piratebay Look for torrents, ordered by seeders. Can add magnet link, stream to VLC, open torrent page on piratebay or search on the web. 2205
icon Currency converter Convert your query in all your currencies. To manage your currencies, go into the workflow. 389
icon Le Tournedisque Get the latest music from letournedisque.com 338
icon Down for everyone Tests whether a site is responding, based on downforeveryone.com 295
icon Evernote search and open your notes, create new notes, append to existing notes... Most useful when using autocomplete. 269
icon Hard Drive Check how much available space there is on all your connected drives. 214
icon Transmission Manage your torrents. Pause/resume on enter. Delete with modifier keys. 207
icon iTunes controls Rate, next, previous, play, pause, and my special: delete watched tv shows 179
icon Pop up Terminal Since you are now using alfred, chances are you don't need Spotlight. I now use the cmd+space to pop a terminal. 114
icon PreDB Look for a torrent before it's even out. Good navigation example. 111
icon Adium [work in progress] open a chat 83
icon Dial on iPhone Works in pair with PushDial. Perfect when associated to phone numbers in address book alfred preferences. 75
icon RSS Check the latest rss feeds. To manage your feed list, go into the workflow. 74
icon BitCoin to Dollars Currency converter for BiTCoins 43
icon TasteKid Media recommandation engine from Alfred. Powered by TasteKid, Inc. 30
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